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NFL Countdown #26 and Dunking on a 6-foot Rim

NFL Countdown #26: The Jets scored just 26 touchdowns in 2020. Yuck.

Good lord, what is there to say about Adam Gase that hasn’t already been said? Throughout the course of his 15 years in the NFL, journalists have been all over the map with the ways they’ve described Gase. One man has been at times an “offensive genius” and “quarterback whisperer”, at other times “the worst coach in the NFL”. The man who was personally invited to Peyton Manning's HOF enshrinement ceremony is also public enemy number one in the cities of Miami and New York.

At this point, dunking on Gase just isn’t fun anymore. It’s like when you lower the rim down to 6 feet, pull off a couple windmills, then get bored and go back to practicing your jumper on a 10-foot rim. Instead of trying to throw down a 360-tomahawk on the lower rim that is Adam Gase, I’m just going to highlight some tweets that we can look back on and laugh about how quickly things can change in the NFL.

( ^ After Gase was fired in Miami)

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